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The Friends of Safe Schools U.S.A. has many requests for assistance and is working on gathering donations for food, clothing and other necessities for under privileged school aged children. FOSSUSA is also working to develop our website which will be a one stop hub to access information on child and school safety.
FOSSUSA is also developing educational courses, flyers, and pamphlets to be distributed to schools, police departments, teachers, administrators, parents and students.


James Ream


" Working with these organizations and the people involved in them has been some of the best experiences of my life. Our communities are filled with generous, caring and motivated individuals and organizations that work to make a difference everyday. These community heroes are kids, parents, police officers, teachers, businessmen and so on. It has been my blessing to be a small part of what they are all doing."

Rudy Perez


“I have always placed a great importance on creating opportunities for others so they may also have the chance to excel in life no matter where they came from. I would like to see kids and their families pursue their goals and dreams through higher education combined with strong character and values. I hope that I can use the combination of my personal and professional life experiences to further the work of FOSSUSA and provide a foundation on which people can succeed.”


Ret. Chief Ian A. Moffett


"I was originally born in Guyana, South America, and immigrated to Canada and eventually the United States. I have had the opportunity to be raised by fantastic hard working parents that increased my life chances. As a father, leader, mentor, guide, and coach, I want to give back to those who can use assistance and support. My life passion has been about serving others and helping those in need. This organization is about helping those who need help. Support our police explores and our police family."


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