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The Friends of Safe Schools United States of America is a 501(c)(3) public charity committed to improving safety in and around schools. Our approach to improving safety is rooted in improving communication, awareness and participating in programs that inspire positive behavior, cooperative relationships and a safer school environment.



FOSSUSA accomplishes all of our important
work through the generous contributions and support from community partners like yourself who care about the safety of all youth. In order to sponsor us and join our mission, please click

Thank you!


You can get involved by starting your own Friends of Safe Schools Chapter in your city or town. Together we can support our communities by emphasizing the importance of school safety for students, teachers, administrators, and parents. 


Click HERE for more details. 


FOSSUSA establishes partnerships with local police departments and the communities and schools they serve by creating relationships based on cooperation, understanding, and trust. 


Click HERE to learn more about the programs put in place to support our mission.

Blue In Schools School shield Initiative

We know that based upon nationwide statistics and school safety experts that having Police Officers and Sheriffs working in schools, around schools and working directly with students, parents, administrators and community members significantly improves school safety.


The purpose of the Blue In Schools Movement is to advocate for more support of police and sheriffs in School Resource Officer Programs (SRO); also, to educate school officials and the public of the many benefits of SRO programs.


The people of Blue In Schools do support, will defend, raise awareness and seek additional resources for SRO Programs nationwide.


The Blue In Schools professional experts will provide training, education and resources to law enforcement, school administrators, teachers, parents, students and community members in the areas of general school safety, violence prevention, working collaboratively, threat assessments, effective communication and critical incident recovery.


Blue In Schools will support all social media platforms, maintain and update a modern website with up to the minute school safety announcements and news, relevant historical information, school safety educational resources, a place for school safety experts and the community to connect and a library of best practices.

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